Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR)

NCAA Definition of the Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR)

NCAA BYLAWS 4.02.2 & 6.1.3

A faculty athletic representative is a member of an institution's faculty or administrative staff who is designated by the institution's president or chancellor or other appropriate entity to represent the institution and its faculty in the institution's relationships with the NCAA and its conference(s), if any. A member institution shall designate an individual to serve as faculty athletic representative. The individual shall be a member of the institution's faculty or an administrator who holds faculty rank and shall not hold an administrative or coaching position in the athletics department. Duties of the faculty athletic representative shall be determined by the member institution.

University of Florida Position Description for the FAR

The University of Florida position description for the FAR outlines the duties, roles and responsibilities completed by the FAR as follows:

  • The FAR, along with the Offices of Athletics Compliance, Student Life Academic Services, Admissions, Registrar and Financial Aid, certifies the academic eligibility of each student-athlete.
  • The FAR serves as a member of the Eligibility Committee and attends weekly meetings.
  • The FAR serves as a member of the University Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (IAC) and attends monthly meetings.
  • The FAR serves as a member of the University Athletic Association Board of Directors and subcommittees as assigned.
  • The FAR makes an annual report to the UF Faculty Senate and responds to inquiries from members of the Senate as well as other faculty.
  • The FAR serves on Southeastern Conference (SEC) and NCAA committees as appointed and attends SEC and NCAA meetings and conferences as necessary, three, two-day minimum, mandatory SEC-FAR meetings include 1) early December in Atlanta, 2) mid March preceding SEC basketball championships, and 3) late May in Destin, FL.
  • The FAR, along with the Compliance staff, Senior Woman Administrator, Director of Athletics and President, formulates the institution’s position on proposed SEC and NCAA legislation, usually once a semester.
  • The FAR participates on the panel that reviews appeals relative to student-athlete transfers.
  • The FAR participates in the investigative process for any allegation of a major violation of NCAA or SEC regulations. As necessary, the FAR is involved in the investigative process for any alleged secondary violation of NCAA or SEC regulations.
  • The FAR receives and reviews copies of all violation reports which are submitted on behalf of the institution, as well as the semi-annual Summary of Secondary Violations.
  • The FAR serves as a signing authority for all waivers of NCAA legislation submitted on behalf of the institution.
  • The FAR participates in and receives a copy of all audits of UAA units relevant to these responsibilities.
  • The FAR serves a prominent role in the institution’s completion of the NCAA Athletics Certification process.
  • The FAR conducts meetings as necessary with University officials relative to UAA business. Such officials include but are not limited to the President, Provost and Director of Athletics.
  • The FAR periodically attends meetings of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Athletics Department award ceremonies, team banquets, competitions and other athletically-related events.
  • Other duties as assigned by the President.

The Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) is appointed by the President of the University from among tenured faculty and serves a three year term with an option for reappointment.

The current UF FAR is Michael Sagas. Dr. Sagas began his tenure as FAR in June of 2011. For questions, you may contact him at FAR@aa.ufl.edu.

Professional Associations Descriptions of the Roles and Responsibilities of the FAR


FARA is the Faculty Athletics Representatives Association, the professional association for faculty athletics representatives (FARs). FARA is the collective voice of faculty athletics representatives in all three NCAA divisions. It is FARA's role to advocate for faculty athletics representatives and to represent their concerns at the national level.

The Faculty Athletic Representatives Association (FARA) website (www.farawebsite.org) describes the role of the FAR as:

A FAR is a member of the faculty at an NCAA member institution. He or she has been designated by the institution to serve as a liaison between the institution and the athletics department, and also as a representative of the institution in conference and NCAA affairs. Each institution determines the role of the FAR at that particular institution.

According to one of FARA's Guiding Principles, the role of the FAR is: "... to ensure that the academic institution establishes and maintains the appropriate balance between academics and intercollegiate athletics."

NCAA regulations dictate that all intercollegiate institution athletic programs be designed as a vital part of the educational system. Further, these regulations require that the student-athlete be an integral part of the student body on each campus. The FAR on each campus is a faculty member well positioned to appreciate the dynamics of athletics and the issues facing intercollegiate athletics, and serve a role in achieving these regulatory principles.

Sources: http://www.farawebsite.org/welcome-to-farawebsite-org/about-fara/; http://farawebsite.org/welcome-to-farawebsite-org/about-fara/about-fars/


The 1A FAR is an organization of faculty athletics representatives at NCAA Division I institutions in the Football Bowl Subdivision, formerly known as Division 1A.

According to the 1A FAR, the faculty athletics representative is a designation created and mandated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). FARs must be members of an institution's faculty and may not hold an administrative or coaching position in the athletics department. Duties vary by institution, but typically an FAR serves as a liaison to the athletics department. The 1A FAR is an advocate for the appropriate balance and effective interaction between an institution's academic mission and its intercollegiate athletics program.

All FARs who serve at NCAA Division 1A institutions are members of 1A FAR.

Source: http://www.oneafar.org/