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Student athletes at the University of Florida have a unique opportunity to succeed in both the classroom and in the forum of athletic competition. Due to the rigors of being both a student and an athlete, there are many challenges that these young men and women must overcome. This website contains information and resources aimed at maintaining an “open” information door between faculty and the intercollegiate athletic experience. The IAC wishes to optimize the student athlete's opportunity for academic and athletic success while maintaining and enhancing the University's standards of excellence. Our Mission Statement.

Are you a faculty member with a student athlete in your class? Here's what you should know.

Committee membership and meeting minutes.

IAC Research

IAC Research Project: Faculty & Staff Perceptions of College Sports

The IAC has created a sub-committee to survey faculty and academic staff perceptions of UF athletics and athletes.

Learn more about the project and lend your voice to the discussion.


Spotlight: Coach's Corner
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