Student Athlete Demographics

Student-Athlete Majors - Top Ten

There are over 500 student-athletes at the University of Florida. They have declared majors in over 70 different fields of study. The chart below shows the top ten most popular majors our UF student-athletes are pursuing for their degrees in this current term..

Note: Social and Behavioral Sciences and Humanities and Letters are general classifications offered to freshmen as exploratory options before they officially declare their major. More information can be found here.

Student-Athlete Race/Ethnicity

Student-athletes are recruited nationally as well as internationally. The pie chart below showcases the diverse population of UF student-athletes.

University of Florida Athletic Teams

As shown in the bubble chart below, there are ten women's teams and seven men's teams. The number of team members is shown in each team "bubble". Note: the track bubbles are a combination of track indoor/outdoor and cross country.