IAC Research on Faculty and Academic Staff Perceptions of College Sports

Perceptions Study

The UF Intercollegiate Athletic Committee (IAC) regularly collects and analyzes information on various aspects of the student-athlete experience on our campus.

During the 2017-18 academic year, a sub-committee was charged with surveying faculty and academic staff perceptions of UF athletics and athletes. The committee held a series of discussion sessions and interviews with UF faculty, academic staff, and teaching assistants over the course of the academic year in order to gather their perceptions of UF student-athletes and the University Athletics Association (UAA).

Project Objectives

The primary objectives of the work of the committee was to establish an open and honest dialogue with UF faculty and staff regarding their understanding of the UAA, Gator student-athletes, and college sports in general. Specifically, the committee aimed to assess the knowledge, awareness, and perceptions of UF’s instructional faculty, teaching assistants, and academic staff regarding:

  • UF student-athletes
  • the University Athletic Association (UAA), and
  • college sports in general.

The committee was chaired by Michael Sagas, UF's Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) and was comprised of two additional IAC faculty members that volunteered to serve on the committee (Frank Bova and Victoria Pagan).


A summary of the committee's findings is currently being reviewed. However, an overview of the rationale and methodology utilized in the study was presented to the UF Faculty Senate during their March 2018 meeting and is available to view at Faculty Senate March 2018 IAC report beginning at minute 40.00.